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Lighting Analysts, Inc. (LAI) was founded in February of 1984 by Todd F. Saemisch and David M. Speer for the purpose of creating micro computer software to assist with the application of electric lighting products. LAI has prospered by providing the lighting industry solid software products with courteous and knowledgeable support. LAI has been in the lighting design software business for over 30 years.


LAI's first product was a general purpose point-by-point (a calculational method) program called “POINT” (imagine that!) introduced in April of 1984. POINT was among the first micro computer based lighting packages marketed to the general industry. Following soon after, LAI introduced “ISOPOINT” in 1985. The Isopoint software automated the task of plotting iso-illuminance templates (iso-fc or iso-lux) such that a user could produce a complete catalog of such templates by spending only a few minutes with the software. Our third effort was an interior lighting specific program called “INSIGHT” released in 1989. All of these programs were rendered obsolete by“AGI” released in May of 1992. AGI was the first commercially available point by point program for the PC to perform interior computations with irregular shaped rooms and sloped ceiling configurations.

Today we author four unique design tools for the lighting industry: AGi32, a stand alone solution for the photometric analysis of any lighting system; Photometric Toolbox, a reporting and editing tool for luminaire photometric data; FlashTools, web-based solutions for basic interior and exterior lighting; and the newest addition, ElumTools, a fully integrated lighting calculation add-in for Autodesk® Revit®.

Mission Statement

To assist the architectural lighting industry with the preparation and presentation of predicted lighting performance through the use of powerful, yet affordable, micro computer software. Furthermore, to actively support that software with friendly, knowledgeable and accessible assistance.


Illuminating Engineering Society, International Dark Sky Association, Microsoft Developer Network, Autodesk Developer Network

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