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Lighting Analysts, Inc. produces calculation tools for the architectural lighting marketplace. Our software programs are described below.

Predict lighting system performance for any application, from one luminaire in a jail cell to hundreds of luminaires in a professional sports facility. Interior or exterior, AGI32 can build environments for most any electric lighting or daylighting application with unlimited luminaires, calculation points, and reflective or transmissive surfaces.

AGI32 is not only a comprehensive point-by-point program, but a lightning fast, photometrically correct, color rendering tool as well. Imagine computing all of your point-by-point values simultaneously with a full color image. Now, not only can you review the “numbers”, you can also incorporate accurate visualization into your everyday lighting design. This is enormously powerful for both conceptualization and presentation.

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About the latest release...

Photometric Toolbox - Professional Edition
Photometric Toolbox - Professional Edition provides creation, modification, repair and reporting capabilities for photometric files
With Photometric Toolbox - Professional Edition you can create new IES files from paper reports, evaluate photometric files based on indoor, road or flood lighting criteria, produce paper reports detailing a luminaire’s performance and much more. Photometric Toolbox’s modular structure allows you to consider up to 25 photometric files at once.

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Flash Tools - Flash Indoor and Flash Outdoor
Lighting Analysts is pleased to offer web-based calculation tools.  Flash Indoor, an interior lighting estimator, and Flash Outdoor, a simple point-by-point and contour generating tool for direct lighting calculations. Flash Outdoor can also be used as an isoline template generator. Both tools are designed for integration with lighting product web sites maintained by manufacturers, distributors or third parties. 

Manufacturers, allow your customers to get estimates immediately while they are browsing your products.
Don’t let them leave your site and go elsewhere, where they might get distracted and lose interest. Keep their attention! They can run continuous comparisons of your different luminaires at the moment when they are most interested in your products. Now they can have the estimates they need without ever having to download photometry or use PC based software - right from the product section of your website!
Experiment with the FlashTools... You can actually use both programs running from this website with fictitious photometry. Imagine how they might operate with your website and then contact us to discuss specifics.
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