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Layout Assistant
ElumTools can compute luminaire quantity to meet a specific light level (on the floor, workplane or calculation point surface) for any Room, Space, Area or Region using the Layout Assistant. This very handy command in ElumTools will provide a series of estimates and possible luminaire layouts for you to examine and manipulate. Select the layout of choice, compute the actual point-by-point results, AND export the luminaire positions back into Revit. It is a tremendous time saver.

The following steps show the basic Layout Assistant workflow.
  1. Select the boundary (Room or Space in this example).
  2. Select a luminaire instance to be used for the layout, preferrably already hosted in the Room/Space.
  3. Click three corners of a ceiling tile, if present
  4. Click the Layout Assistant button.
  1. Enter the desired illuminance on the floor or workplane, (if calculation points are not already placed in the room, that dialog will appear first to enable points on floor or workplane.)
  2. Layout Assistant generates three estimates, with the current selection highlighted and shown.
  3. If satisfied, run the complete radiosity calculations.
  1. When calculations are complete, the Render tab is enabled with full interactive viewing.
  2. The calculated layout is now the current selection.
  3. New estimates are prepared with more knowledge on how the light and geometry behave. The confidence level is higher.
  4. Adjust the spacing and rows, columns if desired.
  1. Click the OK button to export the luminaire locations and calculations back to the current Revit view.
  1. Here we have new luminaire positions and calculations, all done from the Layout Assistant.
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