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Exterior Lighting
You can calculate exterior lighting illuminance results for parking and pedestrian areas easily inside your Revit project using ElumTools. Our embedded video below shows a quick and dirty exterior scene created from scratch in Revit and computed in ElumTools. Your scenarios will be more detailed but the same principals apply.
Elumtools 2017 Features (also includes portion on exterior lighting)
Using Revit Regions
Regions are a great multi-purpose entity for ElumTools users. You can use Regions to place calculation points in your model, and then utilize a separate Region to serve as the calculation boundary. In the example below there are three regions. The roadway and parking areas are separate regions used to place calculation points. The surrounding region serves as the calculation volume encompassing all geometry and both calculation regions (topography as well).
To compute this example in ElumTools simply requires that you select the calculation boundary region in Revit and click on the Calculate button on the ElumTools toolbar. All calculation points can be dropped on to any Revit view using ElumTools View Results command.
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