Calculations & Results


The following links span the world of lighting calculations with ElumTools.


Two Calculation Methods

Add Calculation Points

Edit Calculation Points

Mask Calculation Points

Lightmeter Aiming

Calculation Metrics (what can ElumTools calculate)

Calculate Rooms and Spaces

Calculate Areas

Calculate Regions

Calculate Multiple

Calculate Active View

Calculate Multiple Views

Calculate Other (Selected Elements)

Layout Assistant (intelligent luminaire placement & calculation)

The Calculation Viewer (rendered results)

View/Update Results

Scheduling Calculation Points

Emergency Mode

Daylighting Mode

Horticulture Mode


The ElumTools Calculation Engine

ElumTools employs the same calculation engine as our stand alone software program AGi32 which has been an industry standard since 1999. AGi32 has been validated using CIE-171 and has been privately tested in countless real-world applications.


There can be potential differences in calculated values when comparing ElumTools results to those from AGi32. However, given equivalent input data, calculated values are within +/- 2% and computation time is similar.


Most discrepancies between the two programs can be attributed to modeling differences: