Calculation Point Name Synchronization

Calculation Point Name Synchronization - Calculation points associated with Revit Rooms, Spaces, Areas, and Regions, will synchronize their name with the Revit model name by default. For example: for a Revit room with name of Room 1, the default calculation points family name will be Room 1 as well.


Changing the Room, Space, Area or Region name in the Revit model will automatically update all associated calculation point names. This happens immediately if ElumTools is active, or on the next model open if names were changed by another Revit user.


You can customize the calculation points name if desired by entering your own text in the Name cell. ElumTools will no longer synchronize that name with the model. A button below the Name cell is provided to allow you to resynchronize with the model anytime.

A check is performed each time the model is opened and calculation point names are automatically synched unless they have been customized by entering new data.


When opening a model saved using a previous ElumTools version, ElumTools will check for calculation points names that are out of synch. You can elect to synchronize them all at that time or leave them unchanged.