Luminaire Switching & Dimming

ElumTools makes it easy to switch and dim luminaires for calculations and visualizations. ElumTools places two instance parameters in the Revit properties list under "Electrical - Lighting" titled "Switch On" and "Dimming".


To switch selected luminaires off, remove the checkmark in the "Switch On" box. This can be done for single or multiple selections of luminaires. Luminaires switched off will appear dark.


Dimming is linear by percentage and can be entered with a decimal number. For example: 0.50 means 50% output. A dimming percentage can be applied to a single or all selected luminaires. Dimmed luminaires will appear luminous (white) as long as their dimmed percentage is greater than zero. Luminaires dimmed to zero are essentially off.


Switching and Dimming instance parameters are ignored in Emergency Mode calculations.