Horticulture Mode


ElumTools contains a separate calculation mode designed for horticulture lighting only. It can be enabled and disabled from the Mode switch on the ribbon toolbar by selecting Horticulture Mode from the drop down menu.



When Horticulture Mode is enabled, ElumTools will add calculation points and perform calculations using only the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) calculation metric. The Layout Assistant will also operate in terms of the PPFD metric allowing automated layouts for horticulture. When ElumTools is set in Horticulture Mode, the Horticulture Mode icon will appear on the right end of the ribbon and the calculation metric will display PPFD as seen below. Horticulture calculations must be run in the Global Illumination mode so this switch is not available.



ElumTools calculation modes are view dependent. This means you can display your Horticulture mode calculations in one view (or set of views), and your General Use calculations in another. You may toggle back and forth between the display of General Use and Horticulture calculation results by enabling or disabling the Horticulture Mode on the ribbon. Horticulture calculation results are visible in the Calculation viewer, the Edit calculation points dialog and from the View/Hide Results commands.


Additionally, a large tool tip will appear when a calculation command is selected (for example: Calculate Room Workplane) to remind you that Horticulture Mode is active.




Additional information can be found in the description of the Horticuture Tab in Luminaire Manager.