Photometric Instabase

ElumTools has access to the Photometric Instabase system originally developed for our software AGi32. This is a cloud-based, database of luminaire manufacturers photometric files, presented in a powerful search-driven interface. The Instabase system provides end users the ability to search for products meeting specific criteria and places the ressulting photometric files a click away from use in ElumTools.


Many of the lighting industry's most prominent manufacturing companies are represented, and photometric data is updated regularly as products evolve and new manufacturers join. Manufacturers have 24/7/365 access to their data and are responsible for data organization. As the cloud-based data structure evolves (it was released in May 2015), manufacturers are getting smarter about using keywords in their files as well as maintaining user friendly product descriptions so query result integrity is increasing rapidly.


Participation information for manufacturers


Using the Instabase with drag and drop

It is easy to drag any IES file from the Instabase directly into ElumTools Luminaire Manager to be matched with a luminaire type. To do this, you can open Instabase from within Luminaire Manager, or from the main ElumTools toolbar. Instabase opens in your default browser so windows can be rearranged as necessary to have Instabase on top of Luminaire Manager with both visible (see capture).


  1. Open Instabase (from within Luminaire Manager, or open Instabase and then Open Luminaire Manager)
  2. Locate the IES file you are interested in by search or browse
  3. Drag the IES filename link directly to the luminaire type line in Luminaire Manager
  4. Repeat as necessary



HINT: if you select multiple IES files by checkbox, try clicking on "Show Selected" and "Compact View" (shown below) for easier access to all the files of interest.



Using the Instabase to download multiple files

You can also use the Instabase to download a selection of multiple files in one zipped package.


  1. With Instabase open, select the files of interest by checking the box next to each filename.
  2. Click the Download link at the bottom of the Instabase window.
  3. A new window opens, click on the download button
  4. Instabase packages all of your files into a ZIP archive and downloads them to the following folder: C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Lighting Analysts\ElumTools\PhotometricData\Downloaded From Instabase. This folder can be accessed from the toolbar as shown below. All files are automatically expanded upon download.




Clicking the Download link above opens the webpage below.


Use the command from the ElumTools toolbar to open the download destination folder.



Once open, you can also drag and drop from Windows explorer directly to Luminaire Manager.