Advanced Material Properties - Specularity

Specular reflections can be rendered when using ElumTools Raytrace function from the Calculation Viewer. Specular reflections are a visualization function only and have no effect on calculated illuminance results.


Specularity is expressed as a decimal percentage with higher values producing more specular reflections. Acceptable responses range from .01 (barely specular) to 1 (perfect mirror). Most realistic results are achieved with a conservative value of 5% (.05) or lower.




To set the Specularity of a material:


  1. Open the ElumTools Material Mapping dialog
  2. Click on the Advanced Properties button in the upper right corner.
  3. Locate the material in the list (or the Category)
  4. In the Specularity column, click on the small ellipsis button (...), or simply type the percentage as a decimal in the field provided. When using the button, ElumTools will open the dialog below to allow you to see a representation of possible effect for the level selected.