Using ElumTools Exterior Luminaire Families

ElumTools provides two exterior pole-mounted families for your use. In order to provide maximum flexibility in luminaire arrangement and size, the ElumTools Exterior luminaire families utilize a nested structure. The pole and arm assemblies will appear as one family and the nested shoebox luminaire in another as shown below.



The ElumTools family library can be accessed from the Luminaires pull-down on the ElumTools toolbar, or through the ElumTools Settings (File System, Luminaire Families). The ElumTools library is located here:




Both exterior families contain a number of types corresponding to the various possible arrangements. To load only the types of interest, use the type catalog method (below).


To load a family with a type catalog

  1. In a Revit project or template, click Insert tab, then Load From Library panel, and Load Family
  2. Navigate to the folder containing the family you want to open.
  3. Select the Family (RFA file) to load. The Type Catalog will be displayed.
  4. In the Type column of the Type Catalog, select the family type or types to load. You can select multiple types by pressing Ctrl during selection. You can also narrow the range of search items by selecting parameters from the list at the top of each column.


Area Pole Mounted Type Catalog


Area Pole Mounted Radial Type Catalog


Edit an existing family type

First place an instance in the project.


To change arrangement:


  1. In the drawing, select the luminaire type.
  2. Open the Type Properties dialog.
  3. Check the new arrangement and make sure that the old arrangement is unchecked. Be careful not to leave more than one arrangement selected!


To change mounting height:


  1. In the drawing, select the luminaire type.
  2. Select Edit Type from Properties.
  3. Change the Pole Height and various Mounting Height parameters under Dimensions. Note that you can have different mounting heights for each luminaire. The ‘Show Luminaire Numbers’ parameter will help to distinguish the luminaire position in the drawing.



To change photometry (two methods):


Method 1:


  1. Select the Nested Shoebox in the drawing (tab until it becomes highlighted, then select).
  2. Click on Luminaire Manager in the ElumTools menu. Only the type selected will appear in the list.
  3. Select the Shoebox line. Click the folder icon to retrieve an IES file.
  4. Alternatively, click the duplicate button to duplicate the type (Shoebox 2 is default new name) and then select a new IES file. You will then need to return to edit the overall family (4@90 for example) and assign the Shoebox 2 type to the appropriate luminaire.



Method 2:


  1. Under the Project Browser, right click on the ‘Area Pole Mounted ElumTools – Nested Shoebox’ family and create a new type.
  2. Assign a new IES file under the Type Properties of the nested family (or in Luminaire Manager).
  3. The new created type can be assigned to the Luminaire position under the construction parameters in the parent family (above). The ‘Show Luminaire Numbers’ parameter will help to distinguish the luminaire position in the drawing.


To change Luminaire (Shoebox) dimensions:


  1. The actual dimensions of the luminaires can be changed through the type properties by independently selecting the nested Shoebox family and then selecting Edit Type.
  2. The Housing Length, Width and Height can be found under Dimensions.



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