ElumTools contains Lighting Analysts online news forum we call the Newsreel. The Newsreel can reference your account on the LAI webserver and notify you of Subscription renewals and other personalized information. It contains valuable information on product releases (updates) as well as information of general interest to ElumTools users such as new videos, blog postings and more.


The Newsreel is designed to be unobtrusive so as not to appear more often than necessary or get in your way. It will appear only one time on program startup with its current content. It will not be seen again until Lighting Analysts places new ElumTools specific content in the Newsreel queue. It will then reappear once on your next program startup. You can always open the Newsreel anytime from the ElumTools Help menu.


Newsreel Preferences

The Newsreel Preferences can be set from the link in the upper right corner of the Newsreel popup.


The default setting for the “Show” menu is “All Newsreel content.” This can be changed to show “Updates and critical news only”, or the Newsreel can be disabled all together by selecting “Do not show Newsreel on startup.”


Selecting your country is optional; however, it can be valuable, as the Newsreel can then inform you of events happening in your area such as training classes, webinars or simply general interest.


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