Calculation Viewer - Viewpoint


The Viewpoint menu in the lower-right corner of the viewer provides the ability to change the view appearance from Perspective (default) to Orthographic, as well as access to actual coordinate values for the rendered image relative to the origin in Revit. Typically, the X & Y values are somewhat obscure on an absolute basis, while the Z-coordinate is less cryptic and can be correlated to the elevation of absolute zero in the Revit model.

The coordinates are useful on a relative basis when examining the relationship between the Eye and Focus point locations. All settings with the exception of "Walk Height" are live and will change as the interactive navigation tools are employed.


Walk Height will set both the Eye-Z and Focus-Z to the same elevation.


SHORTCUT: The Walk Height can be set from the keyboard when using any interactive command. Simply enter a value and press the Enter key.






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