Calculation Points - Display Styles

ElumTools uses Revit's Analysis Visualization Framework (AVF) to visualize calculated results. This leaves the control of the display of calculated values in your Revit views or sheets in the control of Revit Analysis Display Styles.


With the ElumTools results visible in the Revit view or Sheet of choice, make sure the view or sheet has focus. You will find the Default Analysis Display Style in the Revit Properties menu. ElumTools uses a display style by the same name with version number, ElumTools 2015 for example.



Adjusting Decimals, Text Size and Marker


You can adjust the precision of the displayed value in decimals, the size and font of the illuminance points, and the size, shape and color of the point markers as required from the Analysis Display Styles dialog shown.


The Color and Legend tabs in this dialog allow you to control the assignment of color gradient or range assigned to the point markers and their legend properties.



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