Advanced Material Properties - Glossiness

Glossiness (Raytracing) - Glossiness is also a raytrace specific rendering function with no effect on calculated illuminance values. Materials can be assigned a Glossiness factor of 0.01 (almost diffuse) to 1.00 (very glossy) when rendered when using ElumTools Raytrace function from the Calculation Viewer. Glossiness can be used in combination with Specularity to enhance the perception of shiny surfaces. A very low Glossiness will cause the material to appear almost textured or fritted. An ideal use of glossiness is to visualize diffuse glass as shown.



To set the Glossiness of a material:


  1. Open the ElumTools Material Mapping dialog
  2. Click on the Advanced Properties button in the upper right corner.
  3. Locate the material in the list (or the Category)
  4. In the Glossiness column type the percentage as a decimal in the field provided.


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