What Does ElumTools Do to My Revit Project File?


Project Information

ElumTools stores all data on a View titled "ElumTools_ProjectInfo" in the Renderings view section. Do not delete this view!

See topic titled ElumTools Project Information.


Calc Points Family

All ElumTools Calculation points are Revit Generic Model families. Their existence in any project is shown by 3D marker inside the boundary element where the calculation points are assigned (Room, Space, Region, Area). The markers can be changed in size from Small to Medium or Large (SML) to meet preference and can be switched in visibility from the ElumTools toolbar or using Visibility Graphics. Each calculation metric (illuminance, luminance etc) has it's own family. Points assigned using the Planar Face comand in ElumTools are face-hosted while all others are level-hosted.
  Family marker  


ElumTools saves the interactive rendering for each calculation performed within the Revit project file. The rendered environments are automatically deleted when a calculation is invalidated (move a luminaire, wall etc.), otherwise, they can be removed using the Rendering Manager command from the ElumTools toolbar.


The ability to save renderings can be controlled globally from the ElumTools Settings.


Shared Parameters

ElumTools adds shared parameters to the following categories:



The shared parameters file can be accessed from within ElumTools by selecting the Shared Parameters button from the File System tab in Settings.


Extensible Storage

ElumTools utilizes a Revit feature called “Extensible Storage” to store information (invisibly) on Revit elements.


Views & Analysis Visualization

Additional Notes

Permissions (Write Access) – Because of the above storage scheme, Revit users using ElumTools with worksharing require permission to write (save changes to/sync) the following elements:



Volume Computations – ElumTools requires that Room/Space volume computations be enabled. If disabled, ElumTools will attempt to enable volume computations.


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