Operating Modes

ElumTools has three modes of operation: General use, Emergency and Daylighting. The programs operating mode is selected from the Mode area on the ElumTools ribbon.


Operating modes are view-specific. For example: General Use results can be active in one view, and Emergency results active in another. Switching the mode selection in a single view will toggle the results between modes.


General Use (default) - The General Use Mode is used for all electric lighting calculations other than Emergency or electric light in combination with daylight.


Emergency - When ElumTools is set in Emergency Mode all calculations are performed in accordance with Emergency Instance or Type parameters settings for luminaires or luminaire families.


Daylighting - The Daylighting Mode allows calculation of daylight contribution alone, or in tandem with electric lighting. The electric lighting will be as simulated in General Use mode and not Emergency mode. When electric lighting is enabled in Daylight mode, the icon will change slightly to show a small light bulb superimposed over the sun.


ElumTools will also interface with Lighting Analysts annual daylight simulation software Licaso. This capability is enabled in the Daylight Parameters dialog. You must have Licaso installed.




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