About Linked Models

ElumTools will operate with linked models in the typical Revit Architecture/MEP relationship using the following rules:


  1. The luminaires, calculation points, and rooms/spaces used in the calculation must be in the host model (this is the typical Revit MEP use case).

  2. The materials in the linked models need to be mapped using the ElumTools Material Mapping command to match those in the Host model. See Materials Mapping.

  3. ElumTools does not have access to linked model Phase Mapping information (due to limitations in the Revit API). Because of this, demolished elements from linked models may be incorrectly included in calculations. Enabling the Filter by View Visibility setting will correctly handle phasing from linked models. More information on Filter by View Visibility can be found in this Knowledgebase article.

  4. The "Selected Elements" option from the Calculate command series cannot detect selected elements from linked models.






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